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  • Born in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago, Bob Lynn grew up around classic Midwestern comfort foods. That was the foundation for his culinary journey, where he’s operated more than 50 restaurants. 

    Through family and friends, Bob was able to join one of Chicago’s finest German restaurants at the age of 13 as sous chef. Before long, his steak tartar recipe and other simple “Berlin Style Bistro” food were big hits. Showcasing a natural culinary talent at a very young age is eventually what brought Bob to a leading restaurant group, eventually becoming executive vice president. Twenty five years later he then turned his attention to a a small neighborhood with a citrusy past, which was the seed that became the multimillion-dollar LGO Hospitality. 

    When he’s is not in the restaurants, Bob is testing new recipes, studying art, doing yoga, and listening to music that eventually makes its way into the dining room. 


  • When she wasn’t seeing Blondie play at CBGB or trying mezcal with the locals in Oaxaca, Natasha spent almost 20 years as an executive operator at top resorts and restaurants throughout the world, working alongside internationally renowned chefs and operators to create unforgettable dining experiences.

    As the Regional Resource + Training Manager, Natasha consistently keeps her eye on the next great addition to the LGO community in Arizona, guiding them to be the best version of themselves in a creative, purposeful and challenging environment.


  • A New Orleans native, Adam Strecker’s relentless passion for service and food — not to mention his birth in America’s food capital — allowed him to cut his teeth at a major restaurant group. Adam worked in 10 different cities across the nation, which gave him tremendous exposure to different cultures and tastes. 

    Adam guides our teams to ensure they have the tools to give our guests the best experience possible. Whether it’s a monthly class on service, a tasting of new menu items with chefs, or one-on-one conversations with our team members, each day is both a teaching and learning opportunity for everyone in the organization.


  • Born in Australia to a theater-loving family, Adam transformed his drama upbringing into a nuanced understanding of the complex workings of the hospitality industry. From humble beginnings as a busser, Adam quickly moved his way up through the ranks in the country’s top restaurants, gaining a great reputation for his training abilities. Over the span of his time in the industry, Adam has trained almost 100 managers.

    As the Regional Resource + Training Manager for LGO’s California entities, Adam is consistently on the lookout for the next great addition to our team, and always looks for ways to strengthen both the individual and our company as a whole.


Kevin Torrey | Executive Vice President

Allie Schott | Chief Financial Officer

Michelle Backerman | Operational Controller

Jordan Lynn | Director of Culinary Development

Kevin Dunn | Chief Mixologist & Spirits Director

Hillary Owen | Compliance Manager

Steven Totten | Director of Media, Marketing & Design

Deirdre James | Director of Sales & Marketing Events

Henry Hanson | Director of Company Logistics

Patrik Downs | IT Manager