in 2002, la grande orange grocery opened in arizona in a neighborhood that had once been the home of sprawling citrus groves – primarily oranges.

the name “la grande orange” was chosen in reverence to the citrus groves of the past — while putting forth an intention to follow the ideology of simple aesthetics and ingredient driven passionate cooking and service from that day forward.

eschewing the chain mentality that has dominated american businesses since the 1970s, lgo has gone on to create businesses that focus on serving the local resident. each restaurant is designed to meet the specific needs of that guest, tailoring every part of the business to specifically add value to the everyday lives of the immediate resident and community.

today, lgo hospitality and its team of nearly 1,000 operate more than a dozen businesses in both california and arizona. moving forward, LGO Hospitality is committed to growing a company and lifestyle culture that sets a standard for those to admire and enjoy.